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Model United Nations

Welcome to the Model United Nations

Your Excellencies, Heads of State and Government,

Honorable Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Honorable Ministers,

Welcome to the Eighth Annual College of Charleston Model United Nations.

During the next few weeks, you will adopt a new national identity as you become a diplomat from another country at a meeting of the most inclusive of intergovernmental organizations, the United Nations.  This requires you to shoulder a great responsibility, for you must not only protect your nation’s interests but must also do so in a way that protects its dignity and good name by using appropriate diplomatic language and extending diplomatic courtesies to your fellow diplomats as well as to the Officers of the Model and members of the Secretariat.  

You need to become familiar with the history, culture, economy and politics of your country in order to fully internalize the many facets of this character and see the world through the eyes of your country.  You will then be able to develop its foreign policy and forcefully present its position to the rest of the world.

Once you have reached the point where you are confident and comfortable as a diplomat from your country, you must also become thoroughly conversant with the organization in which your work will be done, the Model United Nations.  Just as the real United Nations, it is governed by a set of rules and procedures. You must learn the rules of procedure so that their use in meetings becomes second nature.

If you go through the model experience in these ways you will find it to be a uniquely rewarding one that can be applied both academically and outside of the classroom. Please accept our best wishes during this period of preparation.  We look forward to working with you during this period and at the Model United Nations in November.

Yours Sincerely,

The Secretariat

College of Charleston Model United Nations