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Delegation Preparation

1. Register for your country/committee

2. Download and study the background guide for your committee.

3. Know your country

First and foremost, do as much research as you can to get to know your country inside and out. Knowledge of its history and contemporary political, economic, social characteristics is essential to your ability to represent its interests in foreign policy at the Model United Nations.

In addition to having a firm grasp of the interests and foreign policy of your country, you need to know the elements of its current regional and international relations. Who are its current friends and enemies? With which countries does it share interests and strategies? What role does it play in regional and global international organizations and affairs? This assessment of your country's international situation will guide your diplomatic activity at the meeting of the U.N.

4.Prepare position paper for your country/commitee.

5. Stay in character

The most exciting and perhaps the most difficult task is to become a diplomat from your country. This has two dimensions. One dimension is that you need to shed your current national identity and way of thinking and become a citizen of another country. When you enter the world of the United Nations you must cease your current citizenship and adopt the citizenship, perspective, outlook and characteristics of the country you represent.

6. Act and dress appropriately

What you wear, what you say and how you say it should no longer reflect you as an individual, but rather the country you represent. To achieve this, you will firstly need to comport yourself as a diplomat in what you say, how you say it and in your interaction with other delegates. In particular you are expected to extend the common courtesy of respect and civility both during and apart from debate. Secondly, your appearance reflects on your country. The permissible attire is either business casual or national dress.